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12 ways getsix® outsourced invoice management adds value

Date20 Sep 2017

getsix Newsgetsix® realises that invoice processing and cash-flow management are the lifeblood of any business. But at the same time, it has been generally recognised that manual, paper-based invoice processing has intrinsic problems that can affect your business in critical ways, undermining the efficiency and hampering the flow of information.

Outsourced invoice management processing modernises your end-to-end operations by empowering you to capture invoices from anywhere, extract data without human involvement, and gain real-time visibility into your financial processes at all times. Consequently, automating your company’s accounts payable functions can provide substantial value. It actually turns labour-intensive and traditionally expensive processes into more efficient ones that ultimately reduces your costs.

Remarkably, even today a large number of companies continue to use paper-based invoicing, which is both expensive and increasingly unreliable. However, companies which choose to implement outsourced invoice management can realise many benefits, few of which are listed below:

1. Remarkable Time Savings

By using getsix® outsourced invoice management solution to manage accounts payable activities will reduce the time required to process an invoice. Implementing this automated solution will save a substantial amount of time in terms of searching for an invoice or tracking it down in the approvals process.

2. Enhanced Visibility

Automation helps in reducing processing time, which in turn decreases financial risk and the attention a business requires to give to low-value tasks. Increasing your visibility, your business is able to carefully monitor billing inconsistencies and payment terms, while evading late fees and potentially gaining the benefits of supplier discounts.

3. Supplier Relations Improved & Improved Compliance

Creating a good relationship with your suppliers can be a real benefit for your business. Faster invoice processing results in more on-time payments which help in improving relations between organisations and their suppliers.

4. Offshoring Possibilities

Capturing invoices electronically, then uploading them to a web-based repository allows the users to access files from anywhere in the world for processing through offshore operations.

5. Accessible Technology

Organisations can extend their preliminary investment by rolling out the same document capture technology to other business areas, such as employee records management, claims processing, order processing, or case management.

6. Less Human Errors

Invoicing can be very hectic, keeping track of invoices and if they have been paid with the wrong amount when using paper-based invoicing option. getsix® can make this entire purchase-to-paid process automated to ensure that the right product was ordered, the right price was quoted, and that the right invoice was paid on time.

7. Cash Flow Improved

Greater control and visibility over payables helps improve the accuracy of reports, while improving the overall cash flow of your business. Automated processes help to streamline workflows, this in turn reduces the payment cycle through accurate invoicing and electronic payment reminders.

8. Cost Reductions

Outsourcing your accounts payable process you will never mistakenly pay a bill twice, overpay an invoice, or make late payments potentially incurring interest charges or fees. Our system could alert you of duplication, overpayments, and remind you of all the pending due dates.

9. Bespoke Process

Using getsix® to create your outsourced invoice management system you can customise the accounts payable workflow process to suit your company’s requirements. You can direct invoices above a certain pre-determined amount to those with appropriate authorisation, create and maintain approval timers, balance staff workloads, and double-check and authorise payables, as and when required, in the midst of performing other important tasks.

10. Superior Collaboration

Our automated invoice system permits as many people as required to work together on any specific payable in real-time. No matter where they are, individuals with an interest or stake in an invoice can at the same time access it to authorise or dispute charges, search for clarification, or explain inconsistencies. [/gdlr_box_icon]

11. Continuous Follow-up

E-invoicing systems are tremendously accommodating when it is time for an audit. The electronic audit trails are integral within invoice software, making tracking an invoice from receipt to payment a very simple task.

getsix® Invoice Management

Outsourcing invoice management to getsix® comes with a host of advantages, such as, increased visibility, reduced costs per invoice, the ability to control the approval cycle, and optimised invoice capture with minimal investment and disruption.

Leverage the benefits of Outsourced Invoice Management with getsix® solutions

At getsix®, our outsourced invoice management solution uses high-end invoice scanning technology, along with the latest invoice processing software, to attain maximum accuracy within a short turnaround. We feel by using invoice processing software, getsix® efficiently capture invoices / accounts payables (paper or electronic format), classify the required information and finally enter the data into your financial system.

By outsourcing your requirements to getsix® you can leverage the benefits of automatic invoice processing. Why not get in touch with getsix® to discuss with our experts, we will be more than happy to serve you, or possible arrange an appointment.

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