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Interview with getsix® employee Laura Escudero Baranquero

Date02 Dec 2014

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Laura Escudero Baranquero – Accountant assistant (via Leonardo da Vinci program)

What will your role by within getsix®?

I will be an accountant assistant within the getsix® Group, this will allow me to get involved with a company that specialises in a full range of Accounting, Payroll, HR, Tax & Financial services, as well as Corporate & Banking consultancy, complemented with a fully developed, sophisticated range of technical IT solutions while involving Polish and International accounting standards. A junior accountant, who will be around my age, will shoulder me and take on the task to teach me as much as possible in the time I am here. On the other hand, Mr Ortwin Jentsch (Partner) will integrate me into the daily business and also involve me in client meetings, which are held in the English language. I also look forward to small working periods in the Wrocław and Poznań offices, forming another key part of my training.

What practical experience are you looking for when working with getsix®?

With this being the first time I have worked with a company where my colleagues do not speak the same language as me, this will allow me to really live the experience, to collaborate with them and realise the daily business of getsix®. This will inevitably allow me to learn about Polish history, culture and Polish thinking, while learning how to speak with clients and set-up proper email correspondence. Receiving this opportunity from getsix® is invaluable, to see how this company grows, the challenges of client acquisition and how they provide a first-class client experience.

Why did you select getsix® and indeed Warsaw, Poland for your working experience?

Due to my studies being in the financial sector, getsix® for me was an obvious choice as they realise that their employees are the wealth of their business. This refreshing and unique outlook, along with the opportunity to be self-reliant to perform my duties without the need for senior staff to impose my responsibilities. This involvement through the ‘Leonardo di Vinci program’ will allow me to gain knowledge and ‘real’ understanding for my professional future. I have been advised through the program and from friends that this is one of the best methods to achieve this, so when getsix® gave me the opportunity to do my internship, I had no doubts to accept this kind invitation.

Importantly for me, I have never been to Warsaw or any other part of Poland. I have always been curious to know and understand this country. I am very much interested in history, and Poland has a very interesting past, working here will help me experience this for myself.

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be? And why?

I would like to be a professional sportsperson, as I have participated in many sports from a young age.

When you play in a team I think this is the perfect way to understand teamwork, teambuilding and supporting others. It is normal to feel that when in your family environment, but within sport the objectives are stronger, feels more personal. In my opinion, this is a good feeling to accomplish and can bring to my working life.

On the other hand, when you participate in individual sports you are competing with yourself against others and you alone can decide your objectives and goals. I consider this an excellent way to motivate myself and feel it can also be utilised working within a company like getsix®.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you like to share that island with and why?

If this indeed happened I would select 3 people who together can find the best way to spend the time there. I like people who make me laugh, because I think this is very important in life to surround yourself with such people. It is not a simple task to find good people to work with and to live with, but we should all try to change some things to find the best way to achieve this. These people could even be strangers, because it is also exciting to meet new and different people.

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