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German-Polish Economic Conference IHK Frankfurt/Oder on 05.12.2013

Date20 Dec 2013

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In early December there was a German-Polish economic conference on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce Brandenburg, with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network and the Future Agency Brandenburg (ZAB): Co-operation partners and business creation in Poland.

Presentation Roy Heynlein

It was also to prepare future graduates of the law on their tasks in subsequent discussions and negotiations with foreign partners, and to sensitize them for different requirements and experiences in dealing with legal and formal requirements.

Experts discussed with the more than 70 participants of the conference the possibilities, opportunities and risks of operating in the Greater Poland.

In addition to general information on Poland being a business location, the speakers also facilitated an overview of legal and fiscal framework, as well as individual issues from the complex double taxation agreements and value-added tax refund.

The program was enhanced by getsix®, through giving advice regarding the practice of the company, which is a very successful foreign company servicing the field of financial accounting and payroll within Poland for several years.

getsix® partner Mr Roy Heynlein, centred his discussion on practical case studies from the daily business of a shared service company. Taking potential companies on a simulated experience journey for a foreign businessperson, if they plan their first business activities in Poland. With regards the rules, regulations and mature traditions they will be confronted with in a Polish economic life and with Polish tax authorities.

The aim was to inspire potential German investors interested in joining the Polish market, and to raise awareness at the same time for different requirements and experience in dealing with Polish authorities, legal and formal requirements.

In the resulting ‘get together’, the participants could still within the framework of smaller meetings with speakers and experts, discuss individual issues and exchange contacts for further co-operation.

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