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While there are horizontal back office processes such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resource and Payroll Management, in every customer lifecycle and for every direct customer interaction, there are also a number of very specific industry processes that support those interactions.

Often, these processes are core activities such as claims processing in insurance, mortgage origination within the banking sector, or fare audit within the airline industry. It is difficult to truly separate and treat these processes as standalone activities in the back office, as in reality the workflows are an ongoing shift from back office to front office to back office, etc. As Business Process Outsourcers are struggling to manage these in silos, getsix® has coined this Integrated BPO – an evolutionary services delivery model that we are delivering on today, and have been for some time. The result is a truly seamless integration of front and back office processes that operates across the enterprise and bridges organisational boundaries.

To learn more about the various industry specific services we offer in the back office, as part of our integrated BPO service model, please contact us.


Last updated: 24.11.2020

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