HP ProLiant DL360 G5

With Quad-core and Dual-core Intel Xeon processors, concentrated 1U compute power, Integrated Lights-Out management and improved fault tolerance, the HP ProLiant DL360 G5 Server is ideal for space-constrained installations.

You expect high performance from your business servers – but you also want them to be flexible, ultra-reliable, and easy to deploy and manage. And often, they need to do all this while packed together in tight, constrained spaces.

Combining concentrated 1U compute power, robust remote management and essential fault tolerance, the ProLiant DL360 is enhanced for such installations. Quad-core and Dual-core Intel® Xeon® processors, DDR2 fully buffered DIMMs, serial-attached SCSI (SAS) and PCI Express technology provide a high-performance system ideal for the full range of scale out applications. What’s more, it steps up fault tolerance in an ultra-dense platform with redundant power, redundant fans, mirrored memory or online spare memory, embedded RAID capability, and full-featured remote Lights-Out management.

The powerful HP ProLiant DL360 G5 introduces an unprecedented number of technology enhancements. Now available with Intel Xeon processor 5300/5100/5000 series and large memory capacity, it combines powerful processing power with advanced management capability for a complete ultra-dense server platform.

Key features and benefits

The ProLiant DL360 Server delivers a balanced system architecture that takes full advantage of quad core and dual-core Intel Xeon processors and provides the power necessary for your compute infrastructure, critical applications, and virtual server environments. In addition, it lowers the datacenter power and cooling requirement with power-efficient processors, disk drives, and HP Power Regulator technology. This well-balanced architecture brings more performance per U and increased performance per watt for diverse computing environments.

  • Up to two Intel Xeon processor 5300/5100 series with Intel VT technology to improve performance in a virtual environment;
  • Up to 32 GB of 667 MHz DDR2 Fully-buffered DIMMs; with 4:1 interleaving, mirrored memory and online spare capability;
  • Two PCI Express x8 expansion slots standard, optional PCI-X;
  • HP Smart Array P400i controller with 256 MB read cache; or Smart Array E200i controller with 64 MB read cache. Both controllers are upgradeable to write cache capabilities and larger cache sizes.

Companies around the world build their server infrastructures on HP ProLiant servers and management software – for total control, increased flexibility and tangible savings.

Improved fault tolerance

Engineering excellence provides unsurpassed reliability in a 1U form factor. The ProLiant DL360 offers redundant fans and optional redundant power supplies to meet demanding availability requirements of corporate datacenters. Memory protection, optional transportable battery-backed write cache, advanced RAID levels and ProLiant reliability facilitate more effective server uptime.

  • Fan redundancy standard – Allows for continued operation until maintenance can be scheduled to replace a failed fan assembly;
  • Hot plug power supply with optional redundancy – Hot plug redundancy means no downtime to repair failure; each power supply has its own power cord so redundant power to the rack can be supported;
  • Smart Array RAID controller – Transportable battery-backed write cache improves disk performance and can be moved to another server to recover data stored in the cache in the event of a system failure. Optional RAID 6 offers protection from multiple disk failures;
  • Advanced ECC memory – Four-bit memory errors that occur within a single DRAM chip on the DIMM are corrected;
  • Mirrored and online spare memory – Mirrored memory is protection against uncorrectable memory errors without degrading performance of the memory system. Online spare offers a failover bank which is brought online when single bit errors reach a critical threshold.

Deployment versatility in a 1U form factor

Loads of embedded functionality and expansion for a 1U server make this the most flexible ultra-dense server available. The embedded Lights-Out technology provides dependable remote console and control plus an optional graphical remote console and virtual media functionality. High performance Smart Array and NIC improve I/O performance. Two PCI Express slots and six SAS drive bays provide expanded configuration and deployment options.

  • Two expansion slots – Two PCI Express slots allow for configuration options, such as redundant HBAs or NICs for additional levels of uptime;
  • Choice of Smart Array RAID controllers – Choose either the Smart Array P400i controller for performance and six disk drive support or the Smart Array E200i controller for value. Each controller uses a dedicated slot to keep the PCI Express slots open for other uses;
  • Six serial SCSI drive bays – Enterprise-ready small form factor serial SCSI drives offer improved drive reliability, increased performance and lower power;
  • Integrated Lights-Out management – High-speed remote graphical management reduces the need to be physically present to address unexpected server issues;
  • Embedded multifunction gigabit network adapters with TCP/IP offload engine – Embedded NICs support TCP/IP, iSCSI, Wake On LAN (WOL) and PXE for additional management functionality;
  • System insight display – A rugged slide-out system diagnostics display saves administrators time with easy-to-find troubleshooting information at the front of the server;
  • Lower power processors, disk drives and HP power regulator technology – Get more performance per U and greater performance per watt;

Delivering trusted server infrastructure

Companies around the world build their server infrastructures on HP ProLiant servers and management software. We deliver trusted server management through Systems Insight Manager and SmartStart, which ship with every ProLiant server and ProLiant Essentials software. Advanced tools to further enhance IT staff efficiency and server availability are also available.

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