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Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) – European Funds Beyond 2013

Date26 Nov 2013

getsix Poland

The structure of operational programs for the years 2014-2020, an analysis of needs for Poland’s development, objectives and priorities in territorial analyses, together with basic indicators, are only some of the topics presented to the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) in the draft partnership agreement.

The agreement responds directly to the requirements of the European Commission, the Europe 2020 Strategy and the goals for Poland’s development in the coming years. The timetable for this program foresees the final draft in November 2013.

The operational programme provides for the following allocations to the Funds:

  • Infrastructure and Environment (24,158 million euros);
  • rapid growth (7,625 million euros);
  • Knowledge, education and development (3,197 million euros);
  • Poland’s digitization (1,946 million euros);
  • Eastern Poland (2,000 million euros);
  • Technical assistance (570 million euros);
  • Regional development – in 16 regions, 36% increase (28,089 million Euro).

A higher share of EU funds is provided in the form of cheap loans and non-repayable grants. Thanks to such forms of support for the economy, investments should be positively influenced, similar to the model of the Marshall Plan. How it worked in Germany after the Second World War, when once invested money circulated for decades, supporting the reconstruction of the destroyed Germany and leading to an economic miracle.

The goals for the coming year focus on improving the competitiveness of the economy, better social and economic cohesion and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the state. This includes increasing the level of decentralization – almost 60% of the structural funds (ERDF and ESF) will be transferred to regional administration, including in the form of repayable financial instruments, public-private partnerships, regional specializations and urban policy.

This new perspective promotes projects to support innovation, development and growth, with the recipients of EU aid being primarily entrepreneurs and self-governing bodies. Great importance is attached to reducing social and regional disparities.

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