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Double-digit salary growth within 24 months

Double-digit salary growth within 24 months

Date15 Sep 2021

In August, the average gross salary in Poland calculated by the Central Statistical Office was 5840 PLN (about 1300 euro). However, this data is based only on information from companies with more than 10 employees. It is also only an average value and not – as it usually happens in other countries – the median salary. Many workers in Poland have to settle for an income that is often much lower than the average wage reported by the statistical office.

There are also large differences in regional distribution. The capital region – the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, as well as the northern part of the Pomorskie Voivodeship and the southern regions contribute to the growth of the average wage.

Clear fluctuations in the structure of wages in individual industries are also visible. According to the CSO data, the average salary in one year increased by 1300 PLN gross (less than 300 euro). Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which demand for coal dropped significantly and many mine crews had to be quarantined, wages in the mining industry increased by 18.1% over 12 months. Only the energy sector – which in Poland’s statistical taxonomy includes not only electricity and heat generation but also the water industry – was able to keep up with this wage growth. Here wages increased by 17.1%. At the opposite end of the scale was the textile industry. Over 12 months, wage growth here was only 13.9%. However, the average wage in this sector is only 3730 PLN (about 830 euros).

The government raises the minimum wage

After trade unions, employers and the government failed to agree on the statutory minimum wage for next year – the government has set it at 3010 PLN (around 670 euro) in a regulation. Compared with the current minimum wage, this means an increase of 210 PLN. As a result, next year the hourly rate will also increase from 18.30 PLN to 19.70 PLN (4.38 Euro). Along with the minimum wage there will also be an increase in the rates and amounts of benefits under the applicable labour and social insurance laws.

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