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Business Services

At the repeated request of our clients we offer other services with regard to commerce in addition to classic bookkeeping and conduct of personnel matters. This means that you may commence activity in Poland without unnecessary delay. We will assist you!

This offer should be of particular interest to enterprises which have not as yet gained their own experience in Poland, but which wish to become known on the Polish market, incurring with it clear costs and risk.

Access to a market with little risk

Expand your activity to the Polish market, retaining with it transparency in costs. We will support you in accomplishing this undertaking.


We support you not only through our accounting services; we wish also to contribute to your enterprise our experience offering advisory services. Thanks to the long-standing professional experience of the getsix® board, gained in managerial posts at large German concerns actively occupying high positions on the Polish market, we provide you with the opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge on the subject of the Polish economy. This enables potential errors in transactions carried out to be spotted early and necessary preventive measures recommended.

Bookkeeping constitutes the basis of effective economic planning – no less and no more

One who merely records data in a proper manner manages the past admittedly in accordance with obligations imposed, yet is unable effectively to shape the future.

It is no accident therefore that we attach great weight not only to tax expertise, but also to knowledge of the principles of economics. Only in this manner may we think in accordance with the intentions of entrepreneurs and draw up concepts for the optimisation of an enterprise.


getsix® offers you a range of service in the following fields: bookkeeping evidence, controlling, finance, HR document filing and settling both for small business as well as for medium size entrepreneurs.

Outsourcing means lightening the load – outsourcing of accounting services shall lighten your staff, shall enable to plan the costs more efficiently and will lead to clarity and security. What we offer is a ready-made solution suited perfectly to your needs.

Complete bookkeeping orders – complete orders referring to running the books given to getsix® specialists or possibly.

Sector bookkeeping orders – sector bookkeeping orders referring only to e.g. HP files and salary accountancy for a particular employees section.

Regular constant monthly fees – we work on the basis of regular constant monthly fees. It means that month by month you know exactly how much it costs to have the books run by getsix®. It saves you from unpleasant financial surprises. Monthly fees are based on the input of our work and are individually agreed with you.


HR and salary calculation service is – such as each company and their employees are – very individual. That is the reason all the details you shall receive directly in getsix®.

Personal files – establishing and running personal HR files for your employees input of new personal data and their up-dating.

Salaries calculation – salaries calculation, severance pay calculation, calculating the salaries for holidays period, days off etc. salaries bookkeeping and data preparation for financial accountancy and management accountancy salaries calculation for employees of the construction branch.

Social insurance and sick leave insurance – social insurance and sick leave insurance contributions calculation.

Tax return declarations – filling in the appropriate tax return declarations and annual reports; when necessary also for non-Polish management and/or employees.

Work regulations – elaboration of work regulations for your company.

Salary regulations – salary regulations elaboration for your company.

Support during control – consulting and support during control in the field of income tax calculations as well as during control referring to social insurance contributions calculation.

IT Sales

Our aim is to support you with a wide range of most modern IT services: from a sheer idea, through planning process up to final completion. Both at the implementing, introducing or regular maintenance we shall be a competent partner who will always provide you with a simple but effective and professional solution.

Sales – thanks to a constant collaboration with various distributors we are able to offer you equipment at very attractive prices.

IT Services

Consultancy – our professional personnel will advise you in the selection of the most appropriate computer equipment and software. Consulting in the area of information technology security (firewall, antivirus solutions, back-ups and the like).

Support and supervision – support, operation, supervision and management of the updating of computer systems (desktops, servers or entire computer networks) on the basis of an agreement for service provision at a defined level. Depending on needs, our support may be combination of telephone support, remote support of our technical personnel and a visit to you by them in person.

Configuration – we will install your computer equipment together with system software and application software.

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