IT Front-End Infrastructure

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As Front End Infrastructure we are defining all kind of IT Equipment and Devices a User is directly working with or are installed in our Offices.

We herewith want to describe some of our Front End IT Devices which we are using to provide our Services towards our Clients.

Due to the fact, that we are also offering integrated IT Solutions to our Clients, such kind of Equipment could also be used by our Customers to work with our Front-End Applications which we provide though our Cloud Solutions.


Thin Client


Thin client computing is booming and not without reason: It’s solving the growing management problem of PCs (fat clients), and is introducing huge savings on support, hardware and upgrade costs. Furthermore, it is allowing employees to telework/roam more easily.

Thin clients are proven to be more reliable and easier to manage than PCs (fat clients). They rely on the principles of server-based computing (SBC) – a technology whereby applications are deployed, managed, supported and executed on the server and not on the client – solving the many fundamental problems associated with managing the applications on the client itself.

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Document Scanners


Scanners from CANON offer us the kind of high-performance features that make converting paper documents easier. Like high-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and even flexible configuration options. And with so much advanced scanning technology to choose from, we are able to find the imaging muscle we need to perform our business processes. With Canon, we can take full advantage of our digital office.

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Cisco® ASA 5505 Series Adaptive Security Appliances deliver a robust suite of highly integrated, market-leading security services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprises, service providers, and mission-critical data centers – in addition to providing unprecedented services flexibility, modular scalability, feature extensibility, and lower deployment and operations costs.

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