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Housing your mission-critical data and business applications in a secure, state-of-the art environment has never been more important.

Co-hosting our Back-End IT Infrastructure at a the Thinx data center was an important step to ensure the safety of our data. When we colocate our data center environment, we are still able to have tangible access to our servers and all the other IT Equipment like Storage, etc., while simultaneously backing up our data in an additional geographic location. It is also an excellent preventative measure to make sure that our IT Equipment is protected from natural disasters and other accidents that can result in data loss.

Our Co-Location Provider Thinx Poland is the first and largest carrier-neutral data center in Poland (formerly: Telehouse.Poland), located in the very business center of Warsaw, as well as Internet exchange point with a network of access nodes in 11 cities in Poland and 3 cities abroad.

The Thinx Poland data center encompasses over 3,700 sq m (aprox. 40,000 sq ft) of state-of-the-art colocation space, designed in accordance with international Tier III guidelines concerning data center standards, with guaranteed 16 MW of power supply, located in the strict business center of Warsaw.

Thinx Poland belongs to ATM S.A. — a Polish ICT company with 20 years of history which has been providing telecommunications services for business since 1993. The Company is the largest data center operator in Poland and a significant one in Central and Eastern Europe. With its Thinx Poland and ATMAN brands, it provides telecommunications services for companies and institutions, based on its own fibre-optic networks and three data centers in Poland.



Our leased physical space where we have installed our Back-End IT Infrastructure is supported by:

  • Precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with incorporated redundancy
  • 24×7 power back-up systems for all equipment to ensure zero downtime or minimal disruption in operations due to power failure
  • High-capacity, reliable power generators
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems to guard against potential losses due to fire
  • Sophisticated onsite security through surveillance cameras and advanced biometric systems to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Networking equipment including state-of-the-art, fully redundant high-end switches and routers, BGP4 routing for optimal path selection and full redundancy, etc

Additional advantages

Telecommunications neutrality:

Thinx Poland allows us to connect to many telecommunications operators (international, domestic, or local). Telco.Ring, a DWDM fiber optic ring connecting the datacenter with key telecommunications nodes in Warsaw, is the key to guaranteeing the neutrality of this service. Thinx Poland is the only carrier-neutral collocation provider in Warsaw.

Nation-wide Network in Poland:

The nation-wide network includes telecommunications nodes in several dozen cities and over 4,500 km of lines with bandwidth ranging from 1 Gbps to nx10 Gbps on major routes. The network is continuously expanded and modernized to meet the growing needs of users, business applications, and websites.


Great communications with the largest European hubs:

Thinxs Poland is the only Polish operator present in Europe’s three largest interconnect nodes: in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London. The exchange of traffic in these nodes is an alternative and complementary solution to the IP transit performed by Tier-1 operators (networks which constitute the global backbone of the Internet).

Besides traffic exchange through interconnect nodes, we also use the lines of three Tier-1 operators to enable full international transit. This configuration ensures security for each interconnect point (with two 10 Gbps interfaces each) as well as for the entire solution (lines with redundant capacity enabling failure).

Advantages we provide for our Customers using Co-Location Datacenter Facilities:

  • Using the Co-Location Facilities with above mentioned functionality is much cheaper than hosting our IT Equipment in our own premises, therefore we are able to offer professional Enterprise Class Cloud Solutions to our Customers with competitive prices
  • Our IT Infrastructure is stored in a secure location
  • We have full control over our own IT Equipment
  • We have a high amount of flexibility, we can easily upgrade and customize our IT Equipment to suite our Customer’s needs
  • There is high amount of bandwidth available. So if our Customers need to use more it will be readily available

Technical specifications

Building Management Systems

Building monitoring

Central computerized monitoring systems

Alarm management

All alarms monitored 24/7/365

The Facility

Building structure

Monolithic ferroconcrete framework and reinforced pillars, no windows in technical and server rooms

Completion date

Q1 2010

Total size of the facility

3,700 sq m (40,000 sq ft)

Occupied equipment floor space (presently)

1,400 sq m (15,050 sq ft)

Vacant equipment floor space (presently)

600 sq m (6,450 sq ft)

Construction roadmap

2,000 sq m (21,500 sq ft)

Storage space

On request

Parking space (secure)

30 parking spaces


Warsaw, Konstruktorska 5
– 7.4 km from Warsaw Chopin Airport
– 6.9 km from Warsaw city centre
– 5.9 km from railway station


Loading bay and lifts

Minimum floor to ceiling clearance

2,550 mm (8.4 ft)

Maximum floor load

1,500 kg/sq m (307 lb/sq ft)

Minimum raised floor void

700 mm (2.3 ft)


External routing

Diverse routing via ducts entering the building from 3 different sides. Cables are routed securely to the ODF in the MMR

Internal routing

Standard: 4×UTP from cabinet to MMR1 or MMR2. On request: UTP, SMF, MMF from cabinet to MMR1 or MMR2


ATMAN, GTS Energis, ITSA, Netia, SPEC, Tele-B, Telnap, Tel-Team, TP, UPC/ASTER

Carriers in DC

Akamai Technologies, ATMAN, Cogent Communications, Emitel, e-Telco, Exatel, GTS Energis, Interoute, ITSA, Level 3, Lukman, Netia, NOM, P4, SPEC, Tele-B, TP, T-Systems, UPC/ASTER etc.

Carriers in Telco.Ring

A1 Telekom Austria, Aero2, ATMAN, CenterNet, Effortel, Emitel, e-Telco, Exatel, GTS Energis, Hawe, Hurricane Electric, Interoute, Level 3, Mediatel, MNI, NASK, Netia, NOM, NTT, ORANGE Business Services – Trading Solutions, P4, PERN, Petrotel, Pionier, RWE Stoen, Sferia, Tata, Telia, Tiscali, TK Telekom, TP, T-Systems, UPC etc.



Power supply

Power supply

16 MW (dual-feed)


4 units of total power 3,200 kVA

Power distribution

230 V / 400 V AC (2N), distributed via dual independent circuits to cabinet level


4×16 A (2A+2B) per cabinet. Other circuits possible on request

Power density

10 kW per cabinet as standard. Up to 25 kW per cabinet

UPS system (presently)

3,200 kVA static UPS

Diesel gensets (presently)

2 units of total power 4,400 kVA

Environment Control

Air conditioning

CRACs with N+1 redundancy


2 kW/sq m. High density solutions possible on request


22°C (±3°C)

Relative humidity

45% (+15% / -10%)


Hot/cold aisle concept

High density

Up to 25 kW per cabinet possible on request. Customized solutions

Fire Protection

Fire detection system

Multi-sensor smoke detection and early smoke detection systems

Fire suppression system

– Gas (Inergen) fire extinguishing system. Automatic fire suppression system in the equipment rooms
– 120-minute fire resistance


Security systems

– CCTV system (inside and outside)
– Zoned access control system based on proximity card
– Visitors are escorted within the building
– Intrusion detection systems
– Access list
– On request customized security systems (e.g. man-traps)

24/7/365 services

– Guards on-site
– Monitoring
– Network Operation Center
– Technical staff


– Electronic ID
– All alarms monitored 24/7/365



– Cabinet installation
– 24/7/365 on-site engineering
– Remote hands


– Router/switch configuration
– Server OS installation & troubleshooting
– SAN installation & troubleshooting
– Database installation & troubleshooting


Physical security control objectives, processes, procedures and controls

– ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified by the British Standards Institution
– PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 certified by IQNet and PCBC



Thinx Poland Data Center

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Internet Access for Business

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Thinx Internet Exchange

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