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HR and salary calculation service

Constantly changing legal provisions and ordinances for labour law and tax law make the salary calculation often a very time-consuming and highly complicated task. It is essential to keep regularly trained, one must have access to the most professional specialized knowlege and invest money into modern IT solutions for HR – this all cost you time and money. getsix® takes over the HR and salary calculation service for your employees. We got highly specialized so that to solve these problems for you. Our professional team keeps regularly learning in terms of the most up-dated information and provisions referring to the salary calculation and social insurance contributions calculation. Furthermore, our longlasting experience guarantees you a well-suited service and individual approach adjusted perfectly to your needs and requiremets.

HR and salary calculation service is – such as each copmany and their employees are – very individual. That is the reason all the details you shall receive directly in getsix®.


Personal files

  • establishing and running personal HR files for your employees
  • input of new personal data and their up-dating

Salaries calculation

  • salaries calculation, severance pay calculation, calculating the salaries for holidays period, days off etc.
  • salaries bookkeeping and data preparation for financial accountancy and management accountancy
  • salaries calculation for employees of the construction branch

Social insurance and sick leave insurance

  • social insurance and sick leave insurance contributions calculation

Tax return declarations

  • filling in the appropriate tax return declarations and annual reports; when necessary also for non-Polish management and/or employees

Work regulations

  • elaboration of work regulations for your company

Salary regulations

  • salary regulations elaboration for your company

Support during control

  • consulting and support during control in the field of income tax calculastions as well as during control referring to social insurance contributions calculation

Last modified: June 27, 2016

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