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The right kind of innovation – getsix® e-Services

Many companies are innovative, but not all innovation help your business grow. At getsix®, we provide the relevant innovation, so that all of our solutions impact your business positively. We work with you to understand and evaluate your current and future needs, then our solution architects design and execute a plan to specifically address your challenges.

getsix® employs top technologists to provide leading solutions in IT operations, application hosting, cloud computing and managed services. Our investments in both world-class experts and leading technology helps our customers to turn their Accounting, Payroll and IT challenges into business opportunities.

To archive the targets of our Vision, our Corporate Principles are a very important part of our strategic basis.

We believe that technological process makes business live easier and more productive – especially in connection with our Business Model & Visions – therefore technology is an integral part of your Corporate Principles. Read more: Our Technology

The European Union was also under the opinion that our innovative solutions fit the actual and future market needs, and came to the opinion to assist us with financial resources to provide the market with our services in the field of outsourcing Accounting and HR & Payroll, topped with Consulting Services, Business Services and Tax & Legal advising. Read more: EU Project

If you are interested to read more about our technologies we use to provide our services, please view here: Our IT Technologies applied.


Our e-Services:

Live Data Access – Safe (password guarded) and user friendly, direct online access to business information right from the clients workplace. Read more – Infoview / Read more – SSRS / Fact Sheet

24/7 Online Portal / Customer Extranet – Monthly reports, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Management Analysis and other reports are available in bi- or trilingual versions. Read more / Fact Sheet

Cloud Solutions – We book on the system MS Dynamics NAV 2009; You can share the modules (warehouse, sales and others) adapted to your requirements with the assistance of our solutions for application hosting. Read more

Remote Accounting Services – Entire Bookkeeping is simply adjusted to your company system (e.g. SAP), all entries are performed on your IT infrastructure. Read more

Mobile Reporting – getsix® Mobile Reporting makes available your performance information on your iPhone and iPad. Users can display detailed real-time reports i.e. Open Items Lists, Income Statements, as well as dashboards and can forward them i.e. directly as a PDF file. As a result, getsix® can improve decision-making, by enabling users to have instant access to their customised business data 24/7. Read more / Fact Sheet

Mobile Extranet – getsix® understands that expectations have changed. Business now requires their latest information to make quick and accurate decisions on the move. getsix® Customer Extranet provides this by giving your company a secure, robust and easy-to-use solution for accessing, viewing, editing and syncing your business information on your iPhone and iPad 24/7. Read more / Fact Sheet



Test login for getsix® e-Services

Course of action – logging in for test access:

The login data below should be provided in the entry mask. Special attention should be paid to the use of upper and lower case letters.

For German language users:

Username: guest_de
Password: guest_de

For English language users:

Username: guest_en
Password: guest_en

For Polish language users:

Username: guest_pl
Password: guest_pl


getsix® e-Service ‘Mobile Extranet for iPhone & iPad’

The getsix® e-Service Mobile Extranet for iPhone and iPad equips employees with greater productivity in the field. Sales and accounting staff are able to get informations quicker, collaborate more easily and be far more responsive to your internal requirements getsix® realises businesses require ways to enhance productivity, to empower ‘your staff and with security’.

For more information about our e-Services please read more:

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getsix® e-Service ‘Mobile Reporting for iPhone & iPad’

Mobi Reports Pro & Mobi SSRS are both iPhone and iPad reports viewers for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 reporting services. It displays your reports or dashboards from our getsix® reporting server and lets you navigate, view, bookmark, email or print from them.

For more information about our e-Services please read more:

PDF download Go to Our ‘Landing Page’


getsix® e-Service ‘Customer Extranet’

The integrated communication system is based on sharing and exchange of business resources to external customers. Each customer have a personal account in the system and can access the data 24 hours a day, as well as information and news, updated by our staff. Read more

For more information about our e-Services please read more:

PDF download Log in to ‘Customer Extranet’


getsix® e-Service ‘InfoView’

InfoView portal enables users instant, secure access to company reports and dashboards over the Web using a single adress URL. Portal can be implemented fully defined or you can configure it using a set to portal integration.

For more information about our e-Services please read more:

PDF download Log in to ‘InfoView’ Log in to ‘BI / Reporting Portal’


getsix® e-Service ‘SaaS Dynamics NAV’

Application Hosting (Software-as-a-Service) with Microsoft Dynamics NAV reduced total cost and cost transparency through user based pricing model, lower capital expenditure and less working capital locked up in hardware and software.

For more information about our e-Services please read more:

PDF download Log in to ‘SaaS Dynamics NAV’




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